What is TwitterPool?

TwitterPool is the biggest ever community of Twitter Crypto Guru's coming together to combine their funds and trade the crypto market.

This results in a huge amount of buying power which allows our community to gain excessive profits per trade. Most of our guru's are full time trades so you can expect a minimum of 5 trades per day.

TwitterPool also has it's own private telegram channel, where our guru's post charts, entry / exit points, news and provide support to community members.


 You help fund the pool and in return get between 1%  -  10% return back of your invested funds on EACH trade the guru's do. You will also be able to learn from our guru's during their live trades as they provide 100% transparency by providing entry points, potential exit points and TA on for each trade. There are no fees or hidden costs, the guru's benefit from your funds the same way you benefit from theirs, the bigger the pool the bigger the the trades and the bigger the profit, which will then be divided within the pool, our guru's receive 10% - 20% profit from their funds and our community members receive  1% - 10% per trade.


Whilst you do help fund the pool, the funds are YOUR's and you can withdraw those at anytime by just contacting one of the twitterpool admins via telegram or drop us an email with your details to withdrawal@twitterpool.com


Please note that if you do withdraw your funds during live trades, you will not receive any profit from that trade as a result.


After each completed trade, members will receive between 1% - 10% of their funds straight into their specified wallets, the % depends on the result of the trade. All results will be posted live in the telegram group and members will be informed of their % they will receive after the trade. There will be at least 5 trades done by our guru's per day


Simple. All you have to do is send the amount you wish to contribute to the pool (minimum 0.03 btc) to our pool wallet, fill out the form below and then join our telegram and watch your profits hit your wallet!





Some of our guru's

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